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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where to Get Critiqued

A lot of people ask me where to get a good critique of there work.

My first answer is you spouse if you have one. Spouses don't have any problem telling you it sucks. They also seem to have a continuous flow of ideas if they get excited about your work.

I don't recommend friends and family unless they are already serious writer. The reason is friends and families' first priority is to keep the peace. Even if it sucks they will tell you how good it is.

Writers groups are good, but most don't meet enough to be highly useful. They are more the ocasional critique.

So what is left is online resources. I like these because people don't feel the need to be generous with their comments. My favorite websites are AgentQueryConnect and Critters. The links are posted in the sidebar.

Query Shark is a great read, but the chances of getting critiqued by her are really slim.

Best of Luck.

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